Monday, January 28, 2013

Espectáculo de Caballos (y más)


So this weekend we took a bus to Jerez for an Andalusian Horse Show...definitely a new experience, and one I won't be repeating.  The horses were supposed to be 'dancing' but it just looked like they were so nervous and scared, foaming at the mouth and such, it was very uncomfortable to watch.  Although, when I got home, I told my host parents that it was 'precioso!' just like they had said it would be.  After the horse show we had a seafood lunch in Puerto Santa Maria.  It was delicious, but my stomach felt kind of weird for the rest of the day.  Before we got back on the bus, I tried to get some ice cream with a few other people, but we only had ten minutes and the guy in front of us HAD to order a crepe, so we didn't have time.  This was quite unfortunate, because I was left with a serious hankering for ice cream--we rectified the situation with a little help from Ben & Jerry yesterday. (Yes, there's a Ben & Jerry's in Cádiz!)  

In other news, my host parents shared some of their 1982 Rioja wine with me yesterday, and I don't think I'll ever be able to drink $4 bottles of wine again...also, I went for a run today and saw a leathery old dude tanning in his speedo on the beach (it's 59 degrees.)

That's about it, here's some photos--feast your eyes on good ol' Andalucía.

Obviously thrilled by Puerto Santa Maria 

One more thing: I'm going to Malta for Carnaval vacation in two weeks.  You could say I'm pretty stoked.
Blue Grotto, Malta
(Thanks to the dude who put this on flickr)

Here's to more wine and sunny weather!


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