Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Last Excursion: La Doñana


Last weekend we took our last program excursion to La Doñana, a National Park about 3 hours from Cádiz.  On Friday we boarded our beloved Mercedes-Benz charter bus (affectionately referred to as "Benny") for the last time and drove west.

Someone was a little excited about the bus ride

Passing the time on the way there

I don't know if it was the pollen or the sandy ground, but I started sneezing pretty much on arrival and my eyes were so itchy I wanted to rip them right out of their sockets.  Despite the allergies, it was really nice to spend some a day outside of the city and log some solid nature-time.

Bird watching

Fisherman's houses like this are all over the beach. They live there year-round.

We took a 3-hour guided tour around the park in a jeep-like all-terrain vehicle, drove along the beach, through sand dunes, saw birds, flamingos, deer, and some jabalís (wild boars.)

A forest growing in between dunes.

The trip was a little exhausting for some people

The obligatory jumping photo...and the random lady in the background

Being flamingos (there are flamingos in the water back there)


The next morning we spent some time at the hotel's pool, then headed back to Cádiz.  It was a short little trip, but a nice break from narrow cobblestone streets and schoolwork.  At the same time though, it made me a bit homesick for the pacific northwest, I can't wait to get back to pine trees and snow-capped mountains.

Anyway, here's to nature, in all it's forms!



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